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July 2, 2008, 9:15 pm
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Bill White, M.A.  Relationship Expert

Bill White, M.A.
Relationship Expert

Hello,  My name is Bill White and I am a love relationship coach for singles and couples.  I have over 25 years of experience in assisting people in having healthy relationships.

I have developed a new model for healthy communication and relationships called The HEARD Model (Healing Emotional And Relationship Distress). The HEARD Model is based in both a profound spiritual awakening and in my 30-year path of personal healing from childhood relationship traumas. This model produces very quick and deep results. I guide clients in dissolving anger, and eliminating arguments and fighting. The end results for couples who work with me is a restoration of love, play, trust, and friendship.

This model is highly effective for individuals, as well as for family, friend, or love relationships—regardless of one’s sexual orientation. For singles, I provide guidance in the ‘meeting and dating’ process, while assisting them in designing relationships that can last a lifetime.

I also have interpreters for those who are Spanish-speaking.

This blog features up-to-date information, such as articles, events and workshops.  Please visit the Healthy Couples website for more information about me, as well as for specific information about the services I provide. 


Here is information on my brochure:



Who doesn’t?


 Enlist the help of an expert to dissolve anger, arguments,


 Then go have fun!





I understand your pain. I have also experienced deep personal and relationship challenges.

A profound spiritual awakening, plus over a quarter century of growth and education, has revealed key solutions to 

the mystery of resolving personal and relationship issues.

My intent is to have you out of emotional distress on the day you come in.



 I don’t know anyone who gets the kind of results I get with couples. I have created a brand new methodology that works exceptionally well. (I generate similar results with individual and family concerns.)

If you really and truly want quick and dramatic results, then look no further.

If you want to bargain shop—which I understand—you might wind up suffering longer, spending more money, and not getting the results you need.

Call me. I offer a free consultation, usually by phone.

To read testimonials from those who have experienced life-altering results, check out my website, blog, and turn over to the back of this brochure.



 This is by far the best professional help I’ve ever had. I had no idea my husband and I could actually get to a place of resolution in the first session [4 hr].  Who knew that this thing could be improved so quickly and painlessly?”         C & J, Tucson



  • Over 26 years in the field
  • Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling
  • 2 years mediation training
  • 35 years of personal growth and healing
  • Sessions are NOT limited to the typical 50 minutes or an hour. Sessions are open-ended. (You want to get out of distress fast, don’t you? Not in weeks or months.)
  • Phone/Skype sessions available, however, in-person is ideal for the first session. Some people travel to Tucson to get the work done over a day or two.
  • Family and individual coaching is offered, whether for your relationship or personal concerns. All sexual and romantic orientations are welcome.
  • For singles, how to make good choices in a love partner and how to create a healthy, lasting relationship. (Now THERE’S an idea! Set a good foundation and bypass needless suffering.)
  • Skilled at navigating the influence of childhood.
  • Skilled in helping you identify and deal with very difficult people who do not admit fault—ever.
  • Even if you’re a professional in this field, you will find I have skills that are unique and unusually effective.



 “Our sessions with Bill were extraordinary in part because my partner has been a marriage therapist for 30 years. I have also had extensive training in communication and conflict resolution. We go to Bill when we can’t figure ourselves out. We are impressed with Bill’s ability. ”     L & R, Tucson

 I was VERY SKEPTICAL reading over your testimonials. I thought, “this sounds too good to be true. ’ I am so glad I didn’t go with that thought, even though our hurdles seemed insurmountable. Holy cow!  I never in a million years expected these kinds of results after 1 session [4hr]–considering our 10 years of unresolved issues.  I woke up today with a happy heart and feeling encouraged and hopeful.                                                               Kathy B., Tucson

“Thank God we found you. I have no words to express my gratefulness. I have been to as many as 6 psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors for my depression. I have gotten no help. My husband and I went to a therapist and got no help. You are a true professional.”        A & E, Tucson

“My pet dying threw me for a loop—tremendous anger, self-loathing, and grief. All this time, I thought you just worked on love relationship issues. Not an hour later I walked out of your office feeling free.”

     Maria, Tucson

“I speak for both of us, you are a very gifted person and have an incredible talent of uncovering the underlying issues and challenges—untangling years of internal/external struggles.”                N & P, Tucson

“Part of my work involves resolving emotional trauma. I call Bill when I need help with my own stuff. He’s got tools nobody else seems to have.”     HM, Seattle

 “You have an obvious gift of insight and intuition that is delightful.”                C, Tucson

“In my first session [1 hr], I was so very angry at my ex. Twenty minutes later I wasn’t feeling angry. It was amazing!  Three days later and I am still feeling good!!”                           Pat., Tucson


 “One session [2 hr] completely turned things around for us. I don’t think there’s anyone in Tucson who does the work Bill does.”         M, Oro Valley

“That one session over a year ago really did us a lot of good. I don’t know if you realize how much you’ve helped us. You saved our marriage and the lonely time that would have occurred if we broke up.” Jack, Tucson