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Because my service is very unique, I have a conversation with potential clients prior to stating my fees. Although my fees are around average for private practice, my results are nothing like average. Quick and dramatic results are common. If you compare me to others based on pricing, you may make a decision that actually has you suffer longer, spend more money, and not get the results you are wanting. 


Call me for that free consultation. We can do that by phone or in person.


My work underwent a leap in effectiveness starting around 2007 that continues to evolve. The transformational results produced with clients have become quite consistent. Many relationship challenges can be turned around with only 5-10 hours of session time–even relationship challenges that have persisted for 30 or more years. Turning a relationship around is typically not long-term work. If you’ve already done a bit of personal growth work, the turn-around can be very quick.


 I know of no other professional who produces the kind of results I produce with couples. For guidelines on how to choose a professional, click the link below entitled, “Choosing a Professional” :

 As a client, you will learn this new relationship model created by Bill called The HEARD Model. The HEARD Model shows you how to eliminate arguments and fighting.


You will also learn how to:

1)      Dissolve anger by getting to the real reason you’re angry,

2)      Stop avoiding sensitive topics, and

3)      Turn around unkind and disrespectful relating.

The end results will be a restoration of love, compassion for self–and the other, play, friendship, and a trust that the relationship will last over time. Visit my web blog to read recent testimonials: 


I also have interpreters for those who are Spanish-speaking. There are extra charges of between $20 and $35 an hour, depending on the charges of the interpreter.


Note: EFT/TFT (energy therapies). In recent times many energy therapies have become quite popular, in particular EFT and EMDR. Although Bill has been trained in various energy modalities, energy therapies are not a central theme of the sessions.



Hand Analysis


In addition, as a tool for self-awareness and empowerment, Bill offers Hand Analysis.


Hand analysis: (Takes approximately 30-60 minutes).  

Hand analysis is the science of reading the fingerprints and lines on the hands to assess your personality styles and your unique talents. This is a relatively new science and is not Palmistry or future predictions.

Hand analysis includes:


  • Identifying your life purpose, your life school (love, service, wisdom, or peace), and your life lessons (the stumbling blocks you consistently meet up with).


  • Identifying your unique gifts (healer, psychic, leader, humanitarian, artist, moneymaker, etc.)


  • Identifying your emotional and thinking styles.








My specialty is resolving anger, yelling, blaming, the drive for revenge, overt or covert attacks, defensiveness, threatening to leave, evasiveness, lying, clamming up, shutting down, and avoiding conflict.


In that I have invested 30 years untangling the effects of my own childhood pain, I bring an added level of skill and compassion to the sessions. I put people at ease and provide an environment for healing old pain. I am highly skilled in clarifying the influence of childhood on your present relationship.


I also bring the dimensions of intuition and spirituality to my sessions, which stem from a profound spiritual awakening in 1982.





For more on the benefits of Bill’s coaching for singles, as well as couples, please visit the website at Click on the link for “Coaching”.


Also, for more details on the following subjects, visit Bill’s blog  

** What is involved behind the scenes to produce this superior service

** An outline of what is unique about my services


** An outline of what I don’t do (that many professionals do)    


** How I’m unique from some well-known couples, communication,  and personal growth approaches


** Defining core defense mechanisms and core childhood strategies, and examples of how they operate inside relationships














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