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** About This Blog
Bill White, M.A.  Relationship Expert

Bill White, M.A.
Relationship Expert

This blog was set up to provide additional information without making changes to the basic website.

It provides information on workshops and events, new articles, recent testamonials, and fee structure.

Any comments can be made here or sent to my e-mail address at

All feedback, pro or con, on the blog or the website is welcome. To return to my website:

Although my primary focus is on emotional and relationship health, when I find something that promotes dramatic and consistant improvements in physical health, I let people know about them when there is an interest or a need.

In that light, I have also become a distributor of physical pain relief products that work instantly for most people on almost any type of pain. These are part of a new technology that is nothing short of magical! I have a page on this blog with more information: ***zz–LifeWave

I have also been marking a machine that makes highly alkaline water that often has immediate effects on people’s health issues. Check out that page as well.

See also the ‘About Bill’ page just below the listings of pages on the left.

Bill White


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