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ZZ- Alkaline & Ionized Water

I’m now a distributor of another super health product. It’s called Kangen alkaline and ionized water. The water is made from a machine that easily attaches to your kitchen faucet. This is part of an introductory e-mail I’ve sent out:

I’m jazzed about the quality of this water and the health benefits. Not to mention that practically all other water appears to be a detriment to one’s health. Bottomline is that we think we’re drinking healthy water when we drink reverse-osmosis water, bottled water, and other waters, but it appears we’re actually drinking unhealthy water. It’s just not as unhealthy as tap water.


Who would have thought that every drink of most “healthy” water compromises our health. By drinking this Kangen water, you avoid the problems with other waters, you get antioxidants from the electrically charged water, you get smaller water molecules that can hydrate your cells and cleanse them of built up toxins, and you increase alkalinity in the system. Basically, every drink of alkaline water boosts your health. (Note: Books have been written about our bodies being too acidic, and that a healthy level of alkalinity in the body cures and prevents health problems. Most of the water we drink is highly acidic. The exception appears to be good well water. But that water isn’t ionized.)


Once I’ve begun drinking this water, I’ve not wanted to drink anything else. I’ve found myself waiting until I get home to drink water, even if I’m thirsty. My brother, Micca, and I independently noticed that we’re actually thirsty for water. (I have been drinking almost nothing but water in the last few years. Prior to Kangen water, I knew I should drink a gallon of water a day, but it was hard to force down that much water. With this water it is easy to drink a gallon per day since it absorbs very quickly into the cells of the body.) By the way, the water tastes a lot like fresh water from the natural springs I used to drink from as a kid growing up in Kentucky.


I have been testing my ph levels over the last few years with urine test strips. Most of the time my system is so acidic that it doesn’t even register on the lowest indicators of acidity. This alkaline water has consistently and dramatically raised my alkalinity levels. At the end of the second month using the water, I’m consistently at or near optimal ph levels.


My sisters also love the water. We all think it to be as important as food. Christy’s heartburn stops when she drinks the water. And it comes back when she runs out. Same with Micca.


The Kangen water company started in Japan 35 years ago. 1 in 5 households in Japan have one of these. 250 major hospitals in Japan use this water for their patients to drink, and to treat certain problems. (The Kangen water has many other uses that I won’t go into here—including the byproduct water is an excellent disinfectant.)


The machine has $100 maintenance per year, has a 15-20 year life span, and can be purchased outright or by making payments for as low as $40 a month, if you qualify. The water may be worth up to $5-10 a gallon (compared to the most expensive bottled waters and vitamin waters that don’t give anywhere near the quality and benefits). Over the life of the machine, the water may be only costing about 25 cents a gallon. Total price of the machine is $3980.


For those like me who are likely to research for the best machine on the market and the best price, my family has done a lot of that research. We’re spendthrifts. We found there are a number of companies producing similar water at cheaper prices. We became very enthused about them. Then we talked to one person, and read an e-mail of another, who both did the same research. They bought the best of the cheaper machines, instead of the Kangen. They also bought professional testing tools to test the ionization and alkalinity. They found that the machines they bought didn’t produce the quality water Kangen promises. They then bought Kangen and the water tested fine. This sold us on the Kangen.


There is much more to say about the product, but I would highly recommend going to the website and watching their video. Very informative and very interesting. It also answers many questions that would take me a while to explain. Just start watching the video. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop watching it. I now believe our health may depend on drinking truly healthy water. (various videos on right hand side. I suggest scrolling down to Movie and Product Demos. Below that is a Full Demo video.)


Contact Donna (520-548-4558) or I (520-321-4185) with questions. Donna knows the products frontward and backward. Donna also has a group video presentation periodically. Come join us. Bring some containers and get some free water, as well as have your favorite water and drinks tested to see just how unhealthy it is.


FYI, I have begun marketing the machines after 2 months of drinking the water. Although I do get commissions, my enthusiasm is about the fact that people can finally get good quality water and jump-start their health. I just say, “See a video first, then try the water and see what you think”. If you don’t live near Donna or I, there are people all over the country/world who are happy to give you some water to try.


Feel free to pass this information along.


Smiles and health,



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