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ZZ–LIFEWAVE–instant relief for physical pain





Imagine you have a toothache, or a chronic back pain, or your usual pain.

Now imagine taking your common medication for pain relief.

Now imagine that the full effect of that medication kicks in immediately.

Now imagine that this medication lasts for 12-72 hours—and maybe only seconds of use will correct the condition altogether.

Imagine that you don’t need a prescription to buy it.

Imagine that the medication is all-natural and thus has no adverse impact on your kidneys and liver.


Now imagine that you’re someone who is not skeptical, like someone who has heard wild claims that turned out to be mostly hype. (I know. It’s a stretch.)


I sell the product and it’s not a medication. It’s a patch based in a new technology that promotes the movement of stuck energy in the body, much like acupuncture. My conservative estimate is that these patches work instantly and dramatically for at least 8 of 10 people.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried and heard about scores of health products touting amazing healing results. These products usually end up only producing those amazing results for a small percentage. We’re all skeptical.


What I want to convey is this: These patches and the results from using them are not hype. These patches are a breakthrough in health that supports the body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.


In the first month of having these patches, I witnessed people who found instant and dramatic relief from recent injuries and also for chronic pain. With those suffering chronic pain, NOTHING was giving that relief—not drugs, not surgery, not alternative medicine. Just about any pain was relieved—knee and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, the effects of a broken back, ruptured discs, effects of car accidents. Those who didn’t experience immediate and dramatic relief usually found relief when we finally found the best placement on acupuncture points.




If you don’t have these patches available, what is the fate of those who come into your life who have hopelessly gone for all forms of treatment and yet still suffer greatly AND you don’t have a simple pain relief patch that could do in seconds what they have been praying for?


These patches are nothing short of a miracle and people are taking a ho-hum attitude. And those in pain suffer needlessly.


These patches and the results they produce are so amazing that you can hardly conceive of the truth of what I’m telling you. HEY, I’M AMAZED EVERYTIME I SEE THESE THINGS WORK. I think, “They won’t work this time.” But they do. It is so wonderful to witness. I’ve watched some people burst into tears when they finally get the relief they have been hoping for. It doesn’t get any better than that.


THE RESULTS ARE NOT ISOLATED EVENTS FROM SCORES OF TIMES WHEN THE PATCHES DIDN’T WORK. The magical results are so common that I have quit writing out testimonials. The time I spend writing out testimonials is the amount of time it would take to help another person out of their pain.


Are you still looking at this with a ho-hum attitude? Do you assume I’m just selling you something solely for my pocketbook? If so, there will come a day when you say, “Darn. Somebody told me about those things a long time ago and I passed it off as hype. I wish I had trusted that person enough to give the patches a try.”


Who do you know that is in pain and is suffering because they don’t know about these new energy patches? Whose pet is suffering that could get instant relief? What will you do for you or a family member at the onset of severe pain or injury and you don’t have these handy?


(Suggestion: Send this e-mail along to someone you know who is dealing with chronic pain.)


If you think these won’t work for you, think again. You won’t believe it!


There are also energy patches designed to: resolve sleep problems, normalize appetite and other cravings, help with low energy, improve stamina and flexibility, detoxify the body, rebuild cells (anti-aging). [You can order from my website. 30-day money-back guarantee. Or buy smaller amounts from me. I don’t offer a guarantee.] 


These patches have been tested with rigorous double-blind and independent studies. New ones are being developed. There’s a patch coming out that multiplies the results of the original patches designed for helping people lose weight. This patch has already shown to dramatically help with addictive urges. I am so excited about the possibilities of this one for the emotional and physical health of the millions who are dealing with addictive urges.


Here is my website that will give you more info: Or, come to a demonstration on Th. Nights near Broadway and Craycroft. 6:30 to 7:30, with an explanation of the business afterwards for those interested in staying. Bring anyone in pain with any condition and it’s likely they will walk out of there with no pain. In almost all cases, the pain is dramatically reduced.


Here are some results from my sisters and I. Again, these are TYPICAL AND COMMON results, and they’re nothing short of magical.


My sister, Christy who had some chronic pain:


“Let me tell you what has happened for me. It’s been a week and I still have little or no pain in my shoulder after using the patches just one time for 15 seconds. My Achilles tendon pain is greatly reduced, probably by 75%. Those were the two biggest areas of pain for me. Pretty amazing, these patches.” [Note: She didn’t need to use the patches again on her shoulder for a month.]


One experience I had (Bill):


“I had recalled someone using pain patches during a root canal, so I took them with me to the dentist yesterday. He was putting a permanent cap on a crown he had done for me a while back. When the assistant pulled the cap off the crown and gingerly cleaned the area, it felt like someone poking a needle into a live nerve. Next the dentist was to put a desensitizer on (which stings and aches dreadfully) before putting a permanent sealer on (which stings and aches dreadfully). I put a pair of pain patches on before the dentist did his thing. Absolutely no discomfort. At one point I could tell that there was potential for pain, but it was very mild. I was relieved to not have that pain!”


From my sister Holly (who is an alternative medicine practitioner) the first day she had them:


Hi Bill,


“I just want to say that I used the patches on Angel for a very sore elbow.  When the elbow pain was gone she noticed her wrist hurt so we put them there.  She had immediate relief.  As I was working with her I was thinking, “As soon as I am done with her I’m going to put them on my sore ankle from skiing.” Well, when I was done with Angel I could no longer find my pain in my ankle.  I think I got the benefit from just handling the patches.


I used them the next day on my friend Steve.  He had an ankle that had given him problems for years.  When we were done and he had put his shoes back on I asked him how his ankle felt and he said, “Funny thing, the ankle you put the patches on doesn’t hurt but my other one does.”  I think the other one was in pain but he never noticed because *his* of the one that hurt so badly.


Steve’s wife Jen, had a head and neck ache and the patches relieved all pain in her body. 


I’m excited because this was just applying them for a few minutes at the most. Imagine wearing them.  Wow!”




Other results have been just as astounding for the other patches, including a man who had had a stroke and couldn’t talk. He was able to talk as soon as the patches were applied. The detoxifying patches especially seem to impact the transmission of nerve impulses because they increase the levels of glutathione—a master antioxidant that is required for neurotransmission (i.e., nerve pathways working adequately).


I have a friend who has chronic hip pain. I couldn’t get the patches to work. So I took her to Dr. Quila Rider, an acupuncturist who is an expert with the placement of the patches. In less than 2 minutes, the person found the right placement. The pain my friend had that has been resistant to many forms of treatment over many years, disappeared instantly. She cried. It was so sweet to be there.


Hi all,


More amazing results using the patches. The first is my sister, Christy. The other two are from my clients.


My sister just had breast surgery to extract a tiny suspicious something. She had the surgery yesterday and has been using the pain patches, instead of the prescribed narcotics. Here’s her e-mail to me the day after the procedure.


“There’s a little discomfort as I am sitting around working on the computer. But from time to time I notice that the pain starts to increase, like about now it is doing that. I have, and will, put the brown patch and the white patch on my breast as near to the pain as I can get…it is kind of deep and feels sharper than just being uncomfortable. If the pain doesn’t decrease significantly in 20 seconds, I move the white energy patch around to another spot for another 20 seconds. When the pain is gone, it’s gone for about 2 1/2 hours. I don’t even notice discomfort for at least the first hour or more. I am not taking any painkillers or the prescribed narcotic. On a 1 to 10 scale, discomfort becomes noticeable at about 1 and the sharper pain at about 2 1/2 to 3. I apply the patches before it becomes really severe.”

Next day she reports: “Still haven’t taken the narcotics, pain is not pain, just once in a while discomfort. For the most part I’m not even noticing it!”


Two experiences working with my Love Coaching clients, and I used energy-enhancer patches instead of pain-relief patches because I had run out of the pain patches!):


Pain relief from an injury: A client had finger damage from a bike accident he had last night. It was hurting. I used an energy patch on the finger and the white one on a heart meridian on the opposite hand. He said his finger immediately quit hurting. He also said he could feel energy running from one patch to another.


Later that day another client was having pain from a chronic condition from a car accident 20 years ago. She reported her pain to be about a 6 or 7. I again used an energy patch. After a couple of attempts at placement that got no results, I tried another placement. She immediately got this big grin on her face and was looking around in wonderment. “I don’t have any pain.” Her husband looked at her in disbelief and asked emphatically, “You don’t feel ANY pain??” She said, “No. I can’t find any pain.” He kept asking her, “How do you feel?”–expecting a different answer.


I took the tan patch off to expose more of the adhesive to put the patch on permanently. It occurred to me to leave it off for a minute to see if the pain came back. She said, “Maybe it’s psychological, but it’s back to a 4, and my neck is starting to really hurt.” I put the patch on and she began smiling again. No pain anywhere.


Last note on patch results: Many people wonder if it’s placebo effect that has people feel better, or maybe that I’ve put my healing hands on them. Well, most people don’t expect that a small patch (that looks like a Bandaid) would have any effect at all. So, they are typically not expecting anything. In addition, as an energy and massage practitioner, the results I get with people are never this quick and only occasionally this dramatic.




I see that these patches work as well or better than the often-dangerous drugs that are used for various symptoms and problems–with no side effects. And since drug companies are doing an astronomical business, these patches may become a gigantic business. And anyone can be a part of the business. It is already moving all over the world. I’m interacting with people from France, Japan, and Australia, to name a few.


You may have friends or family who would like to look into this. One can become a distributor for the price of one package of patches. (For $100 a new distributor gets $90 worth of patches, $30 worth of homeopathic sprays, a free year of a your own website that is already set up and connected to the company’s website, a “back office” on the website that automatically organizes your sales and contacts, and keeps records of all transactions, and you get a manual. Then, any products you buy, you get them for 22% off retail. (Buying $300-500 worth of products gives you enough to have multiple samples, plus better immediate commissions for anyone who becomes a distributor through you.)


Let me know if you want more info, or if you want me to forward info to someone. I’ll explain the minimal downsides, as well as the other upsides.


I’ll keep going here, in case this is interesting to you. If you understand network marketing, you’ll understand this next part. (If not, don’t worry about it.) Also, any sales from anyone you or anyone they sponsor adds to your commissions. In other words, all sales in your downline add to your commissions. Plus, when anyone on your upline sponsors new people, their sales add to your commissions. I have sponsored one distributor who has not sponsored anyone, yet I have a total of 17 distributors below me whose sales add to my commissions. Eleven of those people were added in a one-month period.


The “downside” to being a distributor is that to stay active you’re required to buy $70 worth of products a month. That may be a big deal for some people, and not for others. I found that between my own personal use, my family’s use of them, my family giving samples or selling them to others, my friends and love coaching clients buying them–all this has had me run out of certain products very quickly. In the first 3 months I used and sold over $1500 worth of products.)


The other “downside” is that, although I find this to be a fun business (talking to people about health and giving them instant results—how fun is that!), there is a learning curve to how the business and commissions work. Plus, it takes time and many steps to build a business and make a profit. I have been in businesses for myself for 30 years. This business is one I wish I had 30 years ago. It would be a great business for a young person. I suspect that if one takes the amount of time and energy one puts toward schooling or a regular job and puts that time and energy into the LifeWave business, it appears possible that one could be doing very well financially in 6 months to a year–and having fun. I like this business so well that if I didn’t love the communication and relationship work that I’m doing, I’d just quit Love Coaching and do this business. 


What an amazing thing that there would be health products available that often get better results than drugs, surgeons, and alternative medicine. The additional fact that you and I can market these products is an unheard of opportunity!


These patches are much easier to sell than most network marketing products. Most people have heard wild claims from other products that inspire you to action because of easy sales, little work, and big money. I’m very cautious about revving people up that way, however, I see big potential for this business. PBS is doing a special on these patches in Sept. 09.


I continue to put a lot of time and energy into this business even though I’ve got my hands full with my Love Coaching business. I didn’t need another business, but I love the products and love sharing them with people. The possible future financial benefit is just icing on the cake.


I tell you, I am very, very skeptical of the hype from all the health and healing products I’m exposed to. Many people have been burned or misled. Friends and family members in network marketing businesses have pushed people away because of their attempts to make sales. In fact, because of this, people who are introduced to the LifeWave products will often put up an immediate wall and walk away. Like me, they didn’t initially believe that something that sounds so good could be true. Well, it is good and true. However, I will not rev people up with a focus on making big money. My focus will stay on the service to those who need the patches. The money should come on it’s own.



That’s it for now. I hope you’re well.




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